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My Workout Week πŸ’ͺ

My new year's resolution was to workout every single day of 2021 (it was a terrible idea in hindsight but I have to stick with it :). For the first month, I did full body exercises (that obviously did not work out) and left me feeling burnt out pretty quickly. So, I sat down and decided that I would figure out my own workout schedule and stick to it for the rest of the year. The way this would work is that I spit my exercises into two phases. I wake up at about 5:55 AM to get ready to exercise at 6:00, then I exercise till about 6:30. Then later at 7:00 PM, I exercise till about 7:30 (or 8:00 depending on how I feel). They all start with stretching.
I am new to exercising and don't quite know the words to use, but I will try πŸ˜….

This is still an ever changing schedule as I try to integrate more effective workouts into my routine.


This is Leg Day. The morning session consists of 30 deep squats, 100 toe taps (for me, this means raising your foot in front of you and tapping the big toe with the opposite finger, alternating with both feet), 30 deep squats, 100 backwards toe taps (the same as toe taps, but you raise the foot behind you), 30 lunges, 30 more deep squats, and about 10 modified pistol squats on each leg (building up the muscle πŸ’ͺ).

In the middle of the day, I run for about 3 miles, I am blessed a nice hiking trail very close to my neighborhood that I run, the view of the forest is amazing 🀯.

The second part of exercising consists of repeating the first exercises.


This is Arm Day. When I say arm, I mean mostly triceps. I start off with 30 pushups. Then I do 2 reps of 10 pushup planks (or plank pushup πŸ˜•). I do 10 diamond pushups and 10 mantis extensions on each arm. I then finish it off with 20 pushups.

The second part of exercising consists of repeating the first exercises, adding 3 reps of 10 dips and 10 modified pushups (this is essentially doing a normal pushup downwards, then you push yourself backwards, and push yourself forwards into down position, and complete the pushup).


This is Abs Day, since I know a lot of abs exercises, I try to split it all between the first and second part of exercising. In the first part, I do good old sit-ups (70 sit-ups), 70 crunches, 70 Russian twists (2 twists = 1 count), then I do 70 elbow knee sit-ups.

In the evening, I do 30 corkscrews, 70 modified elbow knee sit-ups (it is essentially elbow knee but then you reach between your legs and tap your opposing toe after each sit-up). I then do 70 plank toe things 😬 (this is essentially going to plank position and moving your away and to each other).


This is Bicep Day. Because I don't have weights (too expensive πŸ’°), I fill up a bag with books (I have so many) and use the handle for lifting. This adds up to about 30 pounds. In the morning session, I lift the weight in one arm for 10 reps, then I switch the arm and repeat. This goes on for 6 times, break, 5 times, break, 4 times, break, and so on. I end up doing about 210 lifts.

In the second session, I try to improve on my calisthenics by doing 3 reps of 10 dips, and practice some calisthenics exercises.


This is Back Day. Things begin to wind down from here just because my body starts to get sore. In the morning I do about 3 reps of 10 superman exercises. Then I open my elbows at an about 90 degree angle facing upwards. I then spread them out wide and bring my forceps together, kind of looking like a praying mantis. I do 3 reps of 15 of these.

I do not exercise for the second part.

Saturday and Sunday

I do about 5 minutes plank each day, just because I am so sore and tired. I try to research more exercises to add (and even replace some) these days.


  • The pros of this method is that I get to see gains πŸ’ͺ pretty quickly.

  • I know that I am working out my body.


  • It is intense (for me) and exhausting.
  • It is hard to keep motivation 😟

Any exercise suggestions, comments, and ideas on what I should change would be really helpful.

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lee profile image

That's some workout! I like the idea of using books, at least you can easily vary your weight!

Here is that post I was talking about, the Bring Sally Up routine

abbeyshepard761 profile image
Abbey Shepard

That's a lot of exercise Tomi - important to remember that recovery is just as important.

tominekan profile image
Tomi Adenekan

That's true. Thanks for the advice, I am still trying to figure out my limits πŸ˜….