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Monday Members Checkin #5 πŸ₯Š

Hey FlowState readers,

Hope this Monday finds you well. Can't believe it's Monday all over again!

Monday training is always a great way to reset some of your workout routines or habits. Personally I have just started reading Atomic Habits:

Atomic Habits

Fancy reviewing some fitness journals? We are doing our best to bring workouts and fitness into our weekly routines, it isn't easy with life at today's pace so it's always good to be honest and set acheivable goals rather than punishing yourself and then finding it hard to keep it going. I prefer moderate and often rather than hard and limited, but if you are a machine - go for it! πŸ’ͺ

How's about some podcast love?

play pause Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

What about trying a 15 minutes Monday morning warm up routine?

Or get started with calisthenics

As always, whatever you fitness goals this week, we hope you get after them, if you feel like you want to checkin please do so in the comments below.

Much love


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