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Cover image for Gratitude, inspiration, podcasts and shoutouts from FlowState. Newsletter #1

Gratitude, inspiration, podcasts and shoutouts from FlowState. Newsletter #1

The FlowState Team
The FlowState Team. Helping you along your journey to good health and wellbeing.
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GRATITUDE | from FlowState

Thank you all for the content that has posted so far, it’s amazing and it offers a really different vibe to other fitness communities.

You can help support our cause by sharing our fabulous community on the socials 🙏🏼 @flowstateto

Please help us by publishing more content that will inspire members and readers to make positive and well balanced lifestyle changes that promote healthier living, fitness and good mental health.

If you know of anyone that would benefit from the vibe and content of our community, please encourage them to get involved.

Our community is warm, welcoming, progressive, inclusive and friendly.

HELP | from the community

INSPIRATIONAL | content to get you moving

PODCASTS | to inspire a healthier lifestyle

play pause Trained by Nike
play pause Couch to 5K
play pause Hurdle with Emily Abbate
play pause The Jillian Michaels Show
play pause The Rich Roll Podcast
play pause Work Play Love

SHOUTOUTS | to community members being awesome

Shout out to Ben, Jess & Peter and all the Forem crew for being so awesome.

I big thanks to Olly for writing some amazing articles, Olly is our youngest contributor at 17 and writes some really inspiring stuff.

We have our first CrossFit, nutrition coach and athlete on board, welcome Rich Deschamps!

Thanks to Jess W for being an amazing daughter and telling her friends about us (she has the best profile pic)

A big thanks to Keith for his continuous content

A big shout out to all our community members for getting involved!

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