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Best fitness and wellbeing podcasts of the week

Hey everyone! In case you missed it, here are the best fitness and wellbeing podcasts from the past few weeks.

How to Train When Recovering from an Injury

play pause Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Busting Myths on Orgasms, Gender, and Step-Parenting, with Dr. Wednesday Martin

How The World's Greatest Chef Found Purpose (In Plants)

play pause The Rich Roll Podcast

Set Your Cells in Motion

play pause Bullet Proof Radio

How to Get Past the Mental Hurdle of Eating More to Speed Up the Metabolism, Ways to Regain Strength & Athleticism After a Layoff, The Best Training to Improve Sports Performance & More

Why People Should Avoid HIIT, How Forced Reps Can Cause Muscle Loss, Ways Poor Health Prevents Body Fat Loss & More

You Are NOT The Only Person On the Struggle Bus

play pause Hurdle with Emily Abbate

The Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance With David Epstein

Interview with Matt Wilpers, Peloton Instructor

play pause Ali on the Run

The Truth About Fat Burners & Shakes to Lose Fat, How a Calorie Deficit Affects Recovery, Prioritizing Macros Vs. Calories When Reverse Dieting & More

Expert-Backed Tips To Deal With Burnout That Really Work

play pause Hurdle with Emily Abbate

A Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt On Moral Philosophy, Virtue & The Inner Pharaoh

We hope some of those inspire a healthy and well balanced week for you!

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