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5 tips on how to create an engaging video from stock videos

To use video content in marketing, you don't have to shoot it yourself. Materials from video stores can help you create it. There are both free and paid sources from which you can assemble your video. Here's what you need to consider to get a high-quality video.


Create a scenario


Creating a video clip from parts of a video stock in terms of editing is not much different from a full-fledged production. To have an idea of what you want to do, you need to create a script before you do it. Come up with a narrative structure and the approximate shots you would like to see in the video. The main thing to remember here is that the script needs to be flexible.


Stocks do not always have the footage that the author originally had in mind. So don't get hung up on finding or compiling the right process in the frame from various video clippings. The main thing is to convey meaning, not to demonstrate a specific action. For example, you can show the pleasure of waking up in the morning in different ways: a contented sipping girl in bed, a young man drinking water by the window and admiring the dawn, and so on. Also, don't be afraid to change the script itself. It should be flexible to pick up segments of clips that are organic to each other.


Add music and lyrics


Add background music to enhance the video experience. Without it, the video will look boring and incomplete. If the video has useful information, add subtitles so that people on social networks can learn about it without turning on the sound. Music can also be found on special stocks with copyright free music, so you can use it without worrying about copyright infringement.


Combine the frames


The clips in the videos are shot with different cameras, in different lighting, and processed in different ways. Select the most appropriate segments for your work. The main problem of such collected videos is the difference in the picture. It is as if the author doesn't see the difference in backgrounds and people. To make it easier to assemble the base of the video you should choose videos by the same author. Some people even have entire series of videos with the same characters and locations.

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Experiment during installation


If there is a clear script and a conventional storyboard, it does not guarantee that the video will convey the desired meaning. It all depends on the combination of frames and their sequence. If above we talked about the combination of visuals, here we are talking about the meaningful content.

There is no need to follow the structure of the script strictly when editing, as sometimes the material from which you are assembling the video may not fit together in meaning. Make sure that the transition from one scene to the next does not look ambiguous. If suddenly the selected components form a different meaning, it is better to look for another segment, or even rewrite the script. There is an unspoken journalistic rule - anything that can be understood by the audience wrongly, necessarily so will be perceived. For journalists, it refers to unfortunate phrasing in the text. In our case, we are talking about the unfortunate combination of shots.


Don't use worn-out fragments


The problem with stock content is that a large number of people use it. Because of this, some of the photos and videos are already boring the audience and irritating. Try not to repeat your competitors and use clich. Let you spend more time on collecting material for the video, but you will get high-quality and effective work in the end.




Making a good video out of photostory clips is quite realistic. Don't forget to combine shots, avoid cliche and embellish the video with music. Then it will be interesting to the audience and help capture their attention.

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