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10 Minutes Cardio Workout for Improving Heart Condition

To live a healthy life you need to take care of your body, especially your heart. According to experts, most people in their early twenties think that heart health is not their concern because they will only develop a heart health-related issue when they pass a certain age limit. This is usually because heart attack, myocardial malfunction, hypertension, high cholesterol, or high lipid level are connected with age. However, experts explain that this might not be true considering we are seeing obesity common at a very young age thanks to some of the worst junk food epidemics. We see people binge eating junk, fried, and unhealthy food and this is especially common in kids at a very young age. These kids lack nutrients but consume food items that are high in calories. As a result, they face obesity-related issues with high lipid levels in their body. Surprisingly, kids are now also consuming more cheese which leads to fatty liver issues.

Why Do You Need To Start Cardio At A Young Age?
With all these problems, it is very important to start your workout routine at a very young age. Even if you think that you are not at risk of heart-related issues, you still need to start your exercise routine. Experts say that more people die because of heart attack and heart reacted issues as compared to any other disease. In fact without a healthy lifestyle the quality of life as well as the lifespan decreases. So, if you want to live a healthy and long life, your focus should be on a good diet and daily workouts.
How Much Time Do You Need For The Daily Cardio Routine?
Workouts generally require a lot of time. You are asked to work out for at least 45 minutes every day however generally people don’t have enough time to spare for the daily workout. In these conditions when you adjust the intensity of the workout routine, you will actually be able to work for less time and still get the best results. A simple way of understanding this idea is that there are three main things that impact the workout and the calorie burnout rate. The first one is the intensity, the second is the time and the third is the kind of workout you choose. If the intensity is low, you might need to work out for a longer time and burn fewer calories. On the contrary, if you choose an intense workout, you might just need to work out for 5-10 minutes and that will be enough for you.

10-Minute Cardio Workout for Better Cardiac Health
To start off your cardio workout you need to take out at least two minutes for the arm up. With the help of the warm-up, you will be able to get your body ready for the intense workout. To start off, you will get started with the run. Your running should be intense and must help you get your body temperature up and your blood rushing.

After that you have to take two-minute stretching times, this will help you reduce the chance of any injury that might affect your body in case of an intense workout. You can start with any 5 basic yoga poses. After each phase, you have to hold the pose for at least 20 seconds and this will only take 2 minutes in total
Then you will start off your workout with a high knee. You will stand at the same place and then try to bring up your knees at least at the height of your chest. This will take another 2 minutes
Then for the next two minutes, you will start with the push-ups and pull-ups. This will strengthen your upper body muscles. You can also use crunches to focus on your abs area.
Finally, you can take two minutes to jump rope. This will help you sync your body and mind so you can use them easily without any lagging.

Bottom Line
To sum it all up, you need to know how cardio will impact you and your body. Cardio is not just for the health of your heart but also for body toning and helps in reducing the fat content from your body. The idea is that with cardio you will be able to use all the stored fat and the fat content deposited in your nerves and arteries. This will help you use the fat and your heart health will improve over time. This will also improve the flexibility of your veins and arteries so you can work out for a longer time without feeling the strain on your body.

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