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When things don't go to plan

On January 27th, I set myself a new challenge.

Perform 5 good form, full muscle ups, by the end of the year.

Well things haven't gone to plan. The day after I wrote that, I came down with some random virus (not COVID thankfully) that just totally drained my energy.

In the past, I would've usually felt frustrated with myself for not working out for a while, but I am beginning to let myself off the hook. I think it's a cultural thing, from where I grew up and some of the combat sports I was into as a kid, as well as some of the action icons of the 80's.

bruce lee

Culture, when it comes to fitness, is an interesting subject. We all have this fabricated internal distorted view of what our bodies should look like to gain wider acceptance from the outside world, and what good health is, and what it should look like.

I need to remind myself that my body, as far as I know, is the most advanced collection of matter and organic technology to have ever existed, it is at the spear head of 13.8 billion years of evolution.

So who gives a shit if I miss a few training sessions? The only issue is the pain post recovery.

no pain no gain

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