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What digital fitness companions do you use?

My personal setup is my Apple Watch for general fitness tracking, Les Mills on demand for virtual coaching, Jen Hilman and Allie The Journey Junkie (YouTube) for Yoga.

I have also had a dabble at Apple Fitness + but I doubt I'll pursue that.

How about you?

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I have an Apple Watch I wear while lifting...though I might stop as it's interfering with my wrist wraps and deadlift straps. Will still use it to track my runs.

I use the Strong App to track my lifts.

Other than that, not much else.

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Hey Keith, thanks for the heads up on Strong App, looks great!

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Jaynie Ramirez

Apple Watch all the way for me, haven't needed anything else since buying one - always a little bit concerned about the accuracy of the metrics it calculates during my day to activity and workouts though.