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Today's training journal

Lee Wynne
Life long Martial Artist. Les Mills Body Pumper. Love entering my FlowState and sharing how I do it with others.
・1 min read

Back in the home gym:

Had some time off from pushing myself recently but glad to say that I am back at it at full steam. Here is what I bagged today:

Les Mills Virtual Body Pump (I am streaming Les Mills on Demand).

  • Body Pump 106, this is intense, it's the hardest body pump I have done and I keep coming back to it, the lunges track is awful

  • 15 mins of bag work. I have trained Muay Thai nearly all of my life and still love it.

  • 15 mins of speedball (amazing how once learned, you never forget how to do this)

  • 10 minutes of spinning to calm the legs down and flush them out.

  • 3 rounds of chin ups on the bar

  • Warm down and stretch.

Exit gym

exit gym

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