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Sustainable eco friendly workout gear

Lee Wynne
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Has anyone looked at sustainable eco friendly workout gear? I am always a bit skeptical about brands like this flexing their green credentials when I don't know what else goes on in the background or in other parts of their business.

I am looking for a shoe that is made from recycled or completely natural material along with a sustainable and fairtrade policy on the production line.

From everything I have read so far The Allbirds Tree Dasher looks good. Their 2020 sustainability report also look good.

This isn't a sponsored post btw, I am just trying to be more conscious in everything that I buy these days but haven't yet considered workout gear, nearly everything I have in my home gym is plastic 😩

Anyone else rocking sustainable eco friendly clothing, workout or not?

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Suzanne Aitchison

I recently invested in some Veja trainers - I like that they're transparent about materials, labour, etc (and also they have vegan options, which is what initially put them on my radar 🌱)

For anything not shoe-related, I've been trying so hard this year to buy as much from second-hand shops as possible. It turns out people donate/get rid of a lot of fitness wear, and I've found it surprisingly easy to pick up nice stuff which feels a bit more eco-friendly than buying new.

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Lee Wynne Author

Second hand shops

that’s a good shout actually, thanks for the reminder 😎