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My DIY standing/walking desk

When the pandemic first started, I wrote a post a about building and investing in a home gym.

Since then, @ildi posted this excellent about the benefits standing desks:

That got me thinking, should I invest in one.. but then I thought, can I combine the two?

I found myself wandering around the garage the other day looking for a shelf that I could rest on the treadmill that would safely hold my laptop, a few gadgets and a cup of tea.


treadmill converted to standing desk

I successfully converted my treadmill into a standing / walking desk with a yoga mat and an unused Ikea shelf.

I clocked 10k on it yesterday!

Now I just need to see if I can type whilst jogging.

treadmill as standing walking desk

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DIY setups are so much fun! This reminds me of the time I used a large/sturdy cardboard box to place my wireless iMac keyboard + mouse on which essentially turned my setup into a standing desk. It worked well with a 27" iMac because you could tilt the screen upward. It wasn't too much work to go back to a sitting desk either. This was the first time I got to experience some of the benefits of a standing desk.

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Ben Halpern

Nice set up!

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Lee • Edited

I have to be careful, the sensors under the white shelf can speed up the treadmill if I type too hard 😂😂