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Legs Day 😭

It's that day again. God, it comes round quick.. They have only just stopped aching from the last time 😬.

legs day

For years I have struggled to train my legs properly. I used to do squats with heavy-weights but the pain afterwards when trying to walk, run or do any cardio was awful! I am a naturally slim guy, with - yep, slim legs. Over the past couple of years though, I switched my routine up a bit, that all started when I found the Les Mills Body Pump routine.

So what does my legs day look like today? Well, I split my Body Pump routine these days, session 1 I'll do upper body, chest, triceps, biceps and shoulders picking from the best Body Pump classes on the Les Mills app. For session 2, I'll focus on squats, back, lunges (trust me, the lunge track on Body Pump 106 takes a few days to recover from).

I'll probably leave 2 days in between in each of these sessions where instead I train cardio to hit my FlowState plus a bit of circuit training here and there and Muay Thai.

More about that here:

Since training this way, my legs are way stronger and I have good 'go' muscle rather than 'show' muscle, I can feel the connectives in my ankles and knees getting stronger and stronger as well as becoming more confident and stronger when balancing.

I reckon I pump out about 200 squats and 150 lunges during my Body Pump routing, the weight isn't huge but it's the form and intensity that counts.

legs day

I'll always feel apprehensive before I start, love it in between (FlowState) then pay for it the day after, but I keep doing it!

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