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Is being shy and introverted the same thing?

I wouldn’t say i’m introverted (others would) but i’d definitely say I am shy (was a lot worse as a child / teenager).

Interested to hear other thoughts this 🙈

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Not the same thing, I hear a-lot people say that shy people don't mind socialising but find it hard to initiate.

Watched a great documentary on this recently on the BBC.

Rhod Gilbert: Stand Up to Shyness:

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Michael Tharrington

Very good question!

I think @maskel has a great answer.

You could have someone self-identify as introverted, but not necessarily be shy. My wife is kind of like this... she is seriously great at meeting folks and doesn't get nervous about interactions, but she does like to have that time to herself to recharge.

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I watched that documentary, it's about a stand up comedian (Rhod Gilbert) who can't even bring himself to walk alone into a cafe and order a coffee and sit on his own, but can get on stage and perform in front of thousand of people, and do a lot of TV work.

Mind blowing really!

Personally, I can relate to your wife. I now feel like I am both a bit introverted (really need time on my own, not always tho) and shy - definitely won't walk up to a stranger and initiate a conversation, in fact that is something I have never done - but, at work I can public speak and present with zero issues. Very confused 🙃