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How do you hit that reset button?

10 years ago, my wife and I made the first step of a 2 step plan, which was to move much closer to the coast line.

I live in the UK. I was brought up in the North West of the UK, then moved to France for 3.5 years (to slow our lives down whilst the children were young) before deciding to move back the the UK again.

Deciding to move back to the UK was a tricky decision, we didn't want to move back to the North West (Salford/Manchester) as we always had this dream of retiring near the beach, and the coast lines around Devon and Cornwall are some of the best in the world. Tourists flock from all over the world just to walk the world famous South West coastal path.


Fun fact: We will be welcoming President Biden this year (hopefully) as part of the G7 summit which takes place in the Cornish enclave of Carbis Bay, Cornwall.

(Now that's something I never thought I would type out).

My little resets are getting down to the Devon coast lines, it works really well for me, the more dramatic the weather the better, the coastline here can be so rugged and fishing villages and surf lifestyle are so comforting to be in.

My big reset is a visit to St Ives in Cornwall (about 2.5 hrs drive for us). It's a place that is very popular with artists due to the magical light

Walking around the town, eating a pastie or some cheesy chips, sitting in the harbour and dodging the man sized seagulls, walking the rugged portion of the Atlantic coastline with my wife really resets me, one weekend like that can change my perspective on everything.

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