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How do you calculate your macros?

Not something I have done before, but definitely interested in learning more about. How do I figure out what my macros are? And how would it benefit me?

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You can use a food logging app, but the calculations I use are:

Step 1: Find Your Daily Intake

Calculate the calories you want to eat on a given day. You can use a Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) Calculator if you so choose.

Step 2: Break Things Down

Then you need to decide how to break down the amount of protein, carbs, & fat you want. Break them down into percentages where the 3 of them add up to 100% (35% Protein, 35% Carbs, 30% Fats as an example)

Step 3: Calculate

Protein: (Calorie Goal / 4) * Protein %

Carbohydrates: (Calorie Goal / 4) * Carbs %

Fats: (Calorie Goal / 9) * Fats %

I find you can tweak the percentages depending on what you're focusing on. If you're doing more cardio, up the carbs. If you're doing more lifting, up the protein. I find the benefit to make it a little easier to lose weight or gain weight cleanly with not having to worry completely about what I eat or eliminating foods altogether.

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Lee Author

Brilliant, thanks!

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Ben Halpern

I've used food logging apps before... But for me I've never felt like I had to consistently use those apps, but doing so periodically always levels up my ability to to do some of the math in my head and/or just think better in those terms.

I'm sure the apps would love if people remained daily active users forever, but IMO it's natural to choose to use them from time to time.