Discussion on: What's the right amount of weightlifting volume (for your discipline?)

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Lee Wynne • Edited on

Do you think that Body Pump type classes would qualify here? It is lifting and strength conditioning, but not specifically for growth. Prior to those I would focus on 3 body parts per workout routine, always work in sets of 3 with 10 reps per set, maxing out on the last set. Iā€™d usually do that 2 - times per week.

Iā€™d also argue that diet and genetics play a factor in terms of results and therefore influencing your motivation and commitment to continue with a particular routine.

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Ben Halpern šŸŒ± Author

I mean, everything we do is exercise to some degree, so everything counts. I guess it's a matter of how it all adds up.

Intensity and volume.

In track and field some of the rules of thumbs tend to revolve around shifting between high intensity and low intensity days, as a way to achieve high volume.