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Apple fitness plus is out. Are you going to try it?

Apple Fitness Plus

Being a loyal Apple customer and being into fitness, this caught me by total surprise.

Pricing is:

Apple fitness plus pricing

Or you can get it as part of the Apple One Package.

apple one pricing for fitness

Here are some early reviews so far:

Cnet Apple Fitness Plus review: A workout routine that fits you

Bicycling Apple Fitness+ Makes Home Workouts More Fun and Inclusive

CNBC Apple’s fitness video service that competes with Peloton is cheaper and just as good

One of the cool looking features is that all your Apple watch stats show up on the screen during the workout, something my wife rolled her eyes about as she prefers to bring exercise into the body rather than focusing the mind on statistics and people, fair point.

I am going to give it a whirl this week I think, I'll report back.

Get a training session in this week, and stay hydrated!

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heiko_kanzler_d8cb4389316 profile image
Heiko Kanzler

Kinda curious, as you said: loyal Apple user 😂
I am looking to improve my training habbits from next year (currently just some daily routine with a bit of motivation via YouTube videos), so I might have a look into some guided training. And also to "expand" my horizon, why not adding Yoga or something else?

lee profile image

Yoga is amazing. I think if I was forced to drop everything and keep one thing, it would be yoga. Plus there are so many variations of it today. I don’t do it as often as I should because the thinking part of me assumes it’s not a good workout.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

I have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, so I’ll be curious to try it out, but skeptical that it will hook me. I wonder if my wife might be more into it.

kpwags profile image

I think I'll pass. My workout routine works for me as it is.

Might not be a bad product/service, but so long as I keep up my lifting and cardio sessions, I'll be good.

lee profile image

Same here with Les Mills and lifting. I am curious though! Yoga looks interesting..