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Another bad habit squooshed

Lee Wynne
Life long Martial Artist. Les Mills Body Pumper. Love entering my FlowState and sharing how I do it with others.
・1 min read

My screen time as gone up significantly since the pandemic, like A LOT. Even my dog is worried, she sees me enter 'suspended animation' and then starts jumping up at me.


The good thing though, is that I am aware of it and I'll reduce it down, but the one thing I didn't realise I was doing was taking my phone into my home gym with me.

Bad habit, as I find myself having a nosey at Twitter during routines.

Not anymore though. I have made a deal with myself that the one place my phone doesn't follow me, is in my exercise space.


Good riddance!

Discussion (1)

jaynie_ramirez profile image
Jaynie Ramirez

Woah, you are disciplined. I should think about doing the same :D