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A cheeky little stretch whilst making a cup of tea.

Life long Martial Artist. Les Mills Body Pumper. Love entering my FlowState and sharing how I do it with others.
・1 min read

Disclaimer: I drink a lot of tea.

I try to do this little stretch as often as I can, it's more about remembering to do it really, I mean I could probably do this like 8 times a day if I remembered!

I am usually the first up and out of bed in our house (even before the dog) so what I'll try and do is when I put the kettle on I'll drop a small towel on the breakfast bar and slowly raise my left leg onto the worktop, and slowly straighten it out, and enjoy my first stretch of the day.

first stretch of the day

I lean into it as much as possible, then I'll switch legs. After that I'll do the same again but more of a sidekick stretch on both legs.

If you have somewhere at a safe height in your kitchen that can give you some of that early morning movements, I can't recommend it enough!

Happy training!

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