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Finally Finished My Setup (For Now)

I ended up building a gym in my basement at the end of July since I missed lifting and didn't feel comfortable returning to the gym.

My Basement Home Gym - Before

The issue with my original setup was the flimsy floor pads. I had lost a bit of my strength so it wasn't an immediate issue, but as my deadlift weight was increasing, I was worried about protecting my floor. I finally sprung for some horse stall mats and some plywood and built myself a deadlift platform.

My Basement Home Gym - After

It was a fun little DIY project that cost just shy of $300. Hardest part was finding the mats. In case anyone needs plans for one,
these are the instructions for the one I built

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Ben Halpern

Awesome progression.

It was a fun little DIY project that cost just shy of $300

A walkthrough would make a great post!

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"for now"

I know the feeling too much ๐Ÿ˜…

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Yeah I can see more stuff popping in there soon!

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I like the flooring!

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Brilliant. Love these basement setups, reminds me of grit and adversity in the early Rocky movies ๐Ÿ˜Ž