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Discussion on: Meditation - what do you think?

jacobherrington profile image
Jacob Herrington

Wow! Great question, meditation is super important to me right now. I experience severe ADHD and mild PTSD symptoms on a daily basis, so that's relevant to my response. It's also relevant that I spend an absurd amount of time reading about comparative religions for fun.

Meditation has been a fundamental tool for managing my own mental health and training my mind to be kinder, more focused, and quieter. Over the last year, I've recommended meditation to friends and family members dozens of times; it really is an incredible tool that everyone should have some level of experience with (teaching meditation in elementary school would be amazing).

Because of the benefits I felt when I first started practicing a few years ago, I dove pretty deep into meditation and eastern philosophy/religion. At this point, I have a couple of acquaintances who are much more experienced meditators than I am who provide feedback and advice for my practice. I wholeheartedly recommend seeking out a person like this if you plan to make meditation part of your daily routine!

In terms of the meditation practices I have used, I started out with beginner mindfulness practices (using apps like Headspace and Calm) and progressed to loving-kindness practices then began experimenting with zazen (more specifically, shikantaza). These days "just sitting" is my default method for practicing meditation because, paradoxically, it incorporates most of the skills I've learned in other forms of meditation. I also have a deep respect for Zen Buddhism (the person acting as my teacher is a Soto Zen priest in the Kodo Sawaki-Kosho Uchiyama lineage), so zazen makes sense for me.

jayne profile image
Jayne Author

Jacob this is amazing and it’s given me some meditation practices to try - thank you for sharing them. I also learn eastern philosophy and they have so much to offer the western world! I can imagine meditative practices are very important for managing ADHD and PTSD symptoms too, I’ll be looking into what you’ve shared as my meditation journey continues!