Hurdle with Emily Abbate

163. Iskra Lawrence, Model & Body Positivity Advocate

Today, Iskra Lawrence is a household name in the modeling industry. She got into it at 13 in England where she grew up, and for years she struggled with being told she wasn’t “small enough” to land jobs. At 21, after years of crash dieting and exercising, she finally heard about plus size modeling for the first time - which seemed like it could be the perfect fit — until she was turned away time and time again because she was “big enough.”

Iskra decided to stop basing how she felt about herself and her body based on others opinions, and it was then that she found Aerie. Now one of their aeriereal role models, she has made herself a career championing self-love and challenging the modeling industry to include women of diverse shapes, sizes and abilities. In today’s episode, we talk about the hardships and hurdles she’s faced along the way, especially throughout the COVID pandemic and with the launch of her new brand. We also talk about life as a new mom and she offers up her best advice for anyone struggling with body acceptance.


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