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160. Lori Harder, Self-Love Specialist, Author & Founder of Lite Pink

Today I’m talking with Lori Harder. She’s a self-love specialist, host of the Forbes top-rated podcast Earn Your Happy,” founder of the bliss project, author of A Tribe Called Bliss, founder of Lite Pink, a new spiked seltzer company — yeah, she does a lot. Her story is super inspiring — raised in a very small town with an extremely restrictive religion, she struggled with depression, obesity, and being bullied by the other kids. As she came into her own, she decided to go after what excited her: Fitness. Thus she began competing in fitness competitions, striving to win top honors and land major magazine covers. After years in a destructive industry, she made a massive pivot into the self-love arena, working with women to help them harness and appreciate their big potential. In today's episode, we talk about everything from how she grew her multiple businesses to her biggest tips to coming into your own power.


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