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Powerlifting Strength Standards for Men & Women

Powerlifting strength standards help you compare your strength with other powerlifters. Male standards are different than Female standards.

Note: Weight unit is Lbs in the following image.

Powerlifting Standards for Men (lbs)

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Powerlifting Standards for Women (lbs)

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You can also calculate your one rep max using online calculator.

Strength Standards Meaning:

Stronger than 5% of lifters.

Stronger than 20% of lifters.

Stronger than 50% of lifters.

Stronger than 80% of lifters.

Stronger than 95% of lifters.

Source: Strength Level

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William Kennedy

I think these are a bit out of date.

I'm nearly in the elite category but I'm far from being able to compete internationally.

You might like the website open powerlifting. It's a csv of all the different powerlifting events that happen around the world