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[Official]Zzzz.. Sleeping Well: This months discussion thread

Zzzzzzz... πŸ›Œ

Hello FlowState community, this months official discussion thread is all about sleep. Quality sleep is soooo important, it can change your whole day, and if you can get consistently, wow you feel amazing.

Please share your successful recipes and routines for a good consistent nights sleep, feel free to also share your epic failures as a guide of what not to do!


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William Kennedy

Read a physical book to wind down. I don't know why but it's a massive help for me.

Has anyone designed their environment for sleeping better? For example, did you buy a specific blanket, buy blackout blinds etc..

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No screens in the bedroom, try not to watch anything too intense on tv before bed, try and read for about 30 mins before

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Yeah trying to sleep immediately after screen time isn't overly effective