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Discussion on: How come more people don't get a coach or a personal trainer?

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Just a few more thoughts from a personal trainer (I could list the reasons I've been given for people not hiring me for days 😂)

There's a profitable sub-sector of the PT industry that trains trainers to "handle objections", because they're such a staple of #trainerlife. Admittedly, once you have a reputation and/or some visibly "successful" clients (and I use the quote marks intentionally, since some of the greatest successes can be invisible), it's a lot easier to get more, but as a early-career personal trainer you get real good at coping with rejection!

Since my areas of interest are injury prevention, mobility, and stability, in my gym days I would get a lot of injury rehab clients who would then phase out of their need for a trainer once they were back to functional fitness. In my experience, most people aren't willing to invest in injury prevention, mobility, or stability until the damage is already done.

In order to keep our certs active, we need to participate in hours of accredited training every year, so PTs (especially ones who have successfully maintained certification through multiple cycles) invest a lot more time and effort (not to mention, money) on staying up to date on relevant research and exercise science than the average person. You could say that the real value in having access to a trainer is that you have a person who is learning and digesting all that information on your behalf, giving you hand-picked information that's relevant to your goals.

Speaking from my own experience of working with trainers, I see this value in every session where one of my peers trains me as they would a client. I learn new ways to think about how my body is moving, a greater awareness of areas I tend to overlook, and fresh combos, sets, etc that invigorate my own workouts.

From another perspective, as a yoga teacher, I have a daily personal practice, but I notice that the quality of my personal practices is enhanced by attending classes with other teachers. Learning from others makes me more creative, more discerning, and wiser.