Discussion on: Calisthenics at Home for Beginners (No Equipment)

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Agreed! I always start new clients off with callisthenics so they build awareness of what's happening inside their bodies when they're moving.

The thing about callisthenics and yoga (I'ma go ahead and count TRX in there too, as it's purely about core strength with added instability) is they teach us how to control the speed and direction of our bodies through space in three dimensions.

They all involve control through the 3 planes of motion, and require both stability and mobility in order to achieve balance. In other words, they prepare us for literally anything else we might want to do with our bodies.

They're foundational movements that help prevent (and recover from) injury, enhance daily activity, and strip away all our excuses for why we can't care for ourselves when gyms are closed or the squat rack is occupied ;)

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Lee Author

This is brilliant. It all makes total sense, I am surprised the combination of these things isn't used more in therapy and injury recovery.