Discussion on: Running a 5/3/1 Lifting Routine

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dan v

Ran 5\3\1 for about a year. Even read the book. I saw results but not in a balanced matter. Aditionally it left me with some muscle pain and muscles imbalances in the back and legs no matter how much I adapted it. It felt like I was doing a program without a foundation to build something on.

Later on, after reading "Better, Higher, Faster, Stronger" about how science sueprchages elite athletes, I found out about neuromuscular efficiency and how it's a strong asset when starting every lifting routine. Truth is, most people (including me) lack it. Good thing is it can be incorporated in trainings because it is a thing you need to train as well. Basically, it's a skill of your nervous system to know which muscles to contract and when for maximum efficiency. There's only so far technique and form can take you. From there it's only neuromuscular efficiency. Atheletes do have it. Amateurs maybe so and so. It's like the most overlooked factor by amateurs.

In the end, I signed up for Volt Athletics in 2019 and never looked back since. One leg deadlifts? Check. Equally training the upler and lower body? Check. Neuromuscular Efficiency targeting exercises? Check. Stretches, joint healt exercises and foam rolls? Check. Unload weeks? Check. Continuously adaptable training blocks that prevent injury? Check. An AI that suggests exercises and weights based on user inputted feedback? Check. I've never felt so balanced before Volt. 5\3\1 feels so 1980s when I think about it now. And no, they didn't pay me to talk about them, it's just the only wide available amateur program and the cheapest way to get really science based lifting programs.