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What do you wear to your home gym?

ben profile image Ben Halpern 🌱 ・1 min read

Do you get dressed up the same way you would for going to a public gym?

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jayne profile image

No, I get out of bed, put on my oldest shabby gym clothes and usually the wrong way around with all the labels sticking out. I also pray no neighbours see me as I skuttle into the gym! All that together with a high possibility of odd socks and a hat, gloves and scarf for when it's cold, I look very different than when I trained in a public gym.

For me having a home gym is a relief, I don't have to do my hair and find the right thing to wear for a fitness class to cover lumps/bumps and worry about a wardrobe malfunction!
I don't have to think about all that appearance pressure, it's just the training that matters now. I'm more focussed on the training - that's just how I like it!

kpwags profile image

I do, but for me that's just compression shorts, shorts & a workout shirt...nothing fancy.

lee profile image

That’s the word I was looking for compression shorts!

lee profile image

Actually yes I do! It’s all part of getting in the right frame of mind for me. Getting changed and putting on my Nikes, combat top, shorts over running tights! Ready to go!