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New “modern” bench PR

Ben Halpern 🌱
Software developer by trade, founder of Forem. Former college athlete wanting to make fitness a lifelong pursuit.
・1 min read

Hit 220 lbs on benchpress for 1rep today.

1.07x bodyweight.

My all time record for bodyweight going back to my athletic days is around the 1.85x.

My goal is to get to 2x bodyweight benchpress— at a lowerweight than my past records

Discussion (3)

lee profile image
Lee Wynne

That’s awesome Ben. What’s your warmup like up to 220?

ben profile image
Ben Halpern 🌱 Author

Honestly, I kind of just go with my gut based on how I'm feeling.

The most important part of my warm up is some light jogging to get my whole body warm and loose.

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Lee Wynne

It’s all about flow! Love it.