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Ben Halpern
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Need to bounce back from an unhealthy December

I was in a very healthy pattern in the fall... Thanksgiving nudged me into some diet woes, and then some really exhausting work days really pushed me over the edge.

It wasn't the best month, but I'm mostly just looking forward to bouncing back as I get on holidays, with consistent workouts and eating, and then have a great new year push.

As cliche as it is, the new year is a great time for my fitness because there is so much encouragement in the air.

Wish me luck.

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Hell yeah @ben , let's do this. I don't just want to wish you luck, I want to train with you virtual in 2021. Even if it's just once a week. I am not overly experienced in lifting, but definitely want to give it a go and build some more muscle mass. We could help each other!

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Join the club...

We'll get there. Hell I'm developing a web app to help me right now to replace a spreadsheet I use to help track my fitness.