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My first monthly fitness check-in

Ben Halpern 🌱
Software developer by trade, founder of Forem. Former college athlete wanting to make fitness a lifelong pursuit.
・2 min read

This will be a series.

My first check in is around how things have been going recently and how I'm approaching my fitness.

My baseline is that things had been going okay, or maybe bad for a while. Nothing too extreme. But I have begun a monthly life/work summit with some old friends, and it has been really motivating to check in on how I'm doing. So I am going to replicate that here. Monthly is a good cadence.

I'll get more detailed in follow-up posts, but here is what is working for me:

  • I have a gym membership and a decent home gym set up. I'm at the point where I think I need both to really make sure I stay on routine. My gym is not very expensive so it's a great overall investment.
  • I am putting a greater emphasis on exercise vs nutrition. I'm finding success in one following to better results in the other. Nutrition is the fastest way to a certain kind of result, but I need longterm success and centering my commitments to be around exercise is best.
  • In my monthly check-ins we grade several parts of our life from 1-10, and I find it motivating.

All in all I've built up some great momentum lately and I'd give myself 8/10. There is room for building on my routine but I'm happy with some decent breakthroughs.

I am not pushing myself too much on specific fitness goals, but as I improve my routine and get back into things I will definitely bring some specific goals into play. One weightlifting goal I am sure of for the longterm is a 2x bodyweight bench press. I'm not trying to focus on these big goals too much, but I'm sure I can get to this point if I focus.

Discussion (2)

mgangelov profile image

That sounds like a great idea! I’ll follow your updates and get some motivation/inspiration from them. I do have long term exercise/fitness goals, and so far I’m at the stage of making working out a routine.

Perhaps in the future I could attempt the self-reflection that you do.

lee profile image
Lee Wynne

This is definitely worth a read to help you get some flow going 🌈