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Heading into 2021 with some momentum

Fitness has always been important to me, but as I drift further from my prior athletic lifestyle I get worse and worse at keeping with fitness.

Going from being a competitive athlete through college, to essentially a competitive software engineer and entrepreneur, I've traded a deep motivation for the gym to a deep motivation for sitting on my ass. I'm not ashamed of this, it's just how things have gone.

The pandemic was a low from a physical fitness perspective, but I made the choice to cut that out and get serious earlier in the fall. So far I've lost ~26 pounds and feel much better. I also feel like I have some habits which will stick around. I'm glad I got so much momentum before the holidays because I can't say no to certain types of holiday meals (even without as much family surroundings this year due to the pandemic).

I may never benchpress 400 pounds again, as I did in college as an athlete, but I do have some all-time PRs I can hit in other areas of personal fitness. Can't wait to show off the progress in 2021!

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Hell yeah Ben! Let's see a pic of that new home gym of yours! - Here are some of the things I experimented with (sugar is the biggest soother of my emotions..) I used keto as a tactical approach for six months to drop about 2 stone, during that period I never felt so energetic and focused, it was tough and I still miss it to be honest (although people close to me worried about my appearance). Anyway, that got me back to enough of a baseline to start training again, consistently due to the increase in energy, confidence and general rapid weight loss in combination with the exercise I was doing whilst also eating like a Lion (steak, eggs, keto bread and cheese for breakfast). Really looking forward to seeing your progress over the next year.