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Mastering the splits

Want to finally achieve godlike flexibility by doing the splits? Well, apparently it isn't half as hard as you may think.

Here are some resources to help get you started.

How to get your splits in ONE DAY (SIMPLE, FAST, EASY) for BEGINNERS

How I Learned The Full Splits In 30 Days

How to do the Split fast – NOT FLEXIBLE? No problem! – (Explained by science)

How I Learned The Full Splits in 30 Days

How I Achieved Full Splits In Only 1 Week - Fast Flexibility ASAP (Full Routine)

How to do the Splits for the Inflexible! Beginner Splits Tutorial

How To Do Side Splits If You're Not Flexible

How To Do The Splits? | 9 Effective Exercises To Get your Split Fast.

To bring it all back to the physical aspect of yoga and the Split posture itself, I will break down positions that will prepare you for the split and then what to do once you arrive. There’s no right or wrong method to split a weekly exercise regimen. Listen to your own body and do what feels right for you…

Learn how to do the Splits safely for Beginners & Inflexible people - these are great stretches to improve your hip, hamstring, quads, calf, & glute range of motion

Learning how to do the splits and wheel pose has thought me the one thing I’ve lacked my whole life Patience

I’ve always been the most inflexible person among everyone ever since I was a child I could never do the easy pose( sitting with my legs crossed) let alone a butterfly pose, could never touch my toes and I would always hear your a kid how are you so stiff already and I was a bit jealous that everyone else…

What's the best routine to learn how to do the splits for someone who is not flexible?

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