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William Kennedy
William Kennedy

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What advice would you give to someone starting yoga?

I've always dipped my toes in and out of yoga. My goal is to improve my flexibility, breathing and posture while trying something new.

Yet there is an awful lot of yoga content out there. For anyone with a bit more experience, how would you cut through the noise if you were to start again? Did you have any a-ha moments after doing yoga for a while?

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Great questions! For me personally, when I started yoga I found it easier to start from a place of no judgement, no comparisons, no expectations or ‘I should be able to do this’. I tried to just accept where I was and create some distance from the inner critic who likes to show up when trying something knew. I found a lady on YouTube (Allie The Journey Junkie) that also didn’t ignite this inner demon and gave permissions around everything being good enough which worked.

Reading more about yoga helped, learning that it’s not so much about the ‘shapes’ on the floor, but an opportunity to reconnect our mind body, get back into sync with ourselves. Finding that inner peace in such a busy world.

Yoga for me is not like heading down to the gym to do a workout, it’s about creating a space where I can silence my mind and simply ‘be’. I’m sure if you find an instructor that you find is compassionate, accepting and non-judgemental you’ll develop in a healthy way, mind and body together!

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Suzanne Aitchison

After a long time of randomly selecting YouTube videos from all over the place, trying out different in-person yoga classes, and so on... my now long-serving buddy on my yoga journey is Yoga with Adriene.

I like that she offers a (free) daily calendar of practices, so that when I don't know what I want, there's a suggestion right there that I don't need to think about. Honestly, for me I think that was key to cultivating a regular practice; just taking some of the brain power out of it 😅 I'm also just a fan of her style which is a lot more down to earth than most of the in-person classes I've tried near me.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

I think the biggest breakthrough for me was realizing that there was a yoga teacher who fit me. After years of feeling awkward and uncomfortable in yoga classes that didn't, while the people I attended with seemed to love the instructors and not understand why I didn't, I just felt like yoga wasn't for me.

Once I experienced that it was possible to find an instructor that I connected with, I felt empowered to seek out other yoga teachers who felt like a good fit. A decade on from the day I walked into his class, I'm completing my own YTT.