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William Kennedy
William Kennedy

Posted on

Protect Yourself From Nutrition Misinformation

There used to be a time when we thought that the internet would be the saviour of human knowledge. Now we need to develop tools to help us get the best out of it.

We've all heard the trope that a lie spreads faster than the truth. This is true for fitness as for any industry.

Once, a bodybuilder told me that they tell their clients to eat grapefruit because it "burns fat". They fully believed it.

This kind of misinformation seems harmless on the surface. What is wrong with eating more fruit? But this person is in a position of influence. They have people paying them for this advice. Not all advice is created equal.

Today I want to share with you a resource I use(among many) that helps me get to the bottom of nutrition. The site is

I love this site because they do something that the general media never seem to do. Cite their sources from actual studies. simply regurgitates studies in an easy to read format and they cite each one so you can follow up yourself.

Want to get the scientific view of the Keto diet? Here you go.

Ever wonder what academics think of Intermittent Fasting?

Maybe you want to know more about Sunscreen?

Whatever it is, I cannot recommend this site enough for people who want to know what the scientific thinking is on nutrition.

Discussion (3)

lee profile image

Thanks for the heads up, I did keto for 8 months and although I lost loads of weight and felt great it wasn't sustainable long term and I still have no idea whether it was the right thing to do. I am going to read that link right now.

_williamkennedy profile image
William Kennedy Author

I think the trick with a good diet is finding what works for you which is probably a balance of what makes you feel good, what gets you the results you want and how sustainable it is.

lee profile image

100% - great advice.. I am much more well balanced with my food these days.