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Discussion on: How come more people don't get a coach or a personal trainer?

_williamkennedy profile image
William Kennedy Author

I'm the same. I didn't want the personal trainer that follows you around in the gym.

At the start, it was like that, but after a month, we moved to online (pre-covid). Then my trainer gave me my workout, and I would record my heavy sets for him to give feedback on.

People are different. Personally, I prefer going to the gym alone but I find I'm very bad at making my own workout programmes. So this is where the trainer helps a lot.

jayne profile image

Thanks William, this is so interesting!
It sounds like you’ve really benefited from the expertise of your personal trainer. These people dedicate their professional and quite often personal lives learning about how to get the most out of our bodies when working out. For me, this may mean I do something different, ask for some expertise and educate myself around personal fitness, nutrition and how to grow in my personal workouts! You’ve got me thinking!!